Why Invest In A Pack Of V-Eco Food Wraps?

  • Help the planet by investing in an eco wrap that's completely plastic-free - there's no plastic lining or velcro fastening on your wrap, just a natural coconut button and cotton cord.
  • Confidently use my wraps, knowing that I only use premium ingredients in my wax infusion - food-grade candelilla wax, cold-pressed jojoba oil and natural pine resin. I could use cheaper ingredients but prefer to offer you a quality product
  • Save yourself some money. How many rolls of clingfilm or tinfoil do you buy in a year to keep your food fresh? Banish it from your kitchen for good with these reusable eco wraps.
  • Wrap all sorts of cold food in all sorts of containers - glass, ceramic, wooden, even plastic (if you must ;) ).
  • Know that you're investing in a British made artisan product - all wraps are handmade by me in Liverpool - no importing wraps, no outsourcing tasks. You're also supporting other British businesses, as my suppliers are all based in the UK.
  • Have no worries about your wrap fraying - I overlock all the edges to ensure a professional finish.
  • Easily clean your wraps - simply wash flat with cold water and washing-up liquid - keep away from heat, then just air dry.
  • Build your collection of my wraps, with matching funky fabrics.

For general information and care instructions of your Wraps please see. "V-Eco Wrap Facts."
CAUTION: My Wraps contain pine resin. If you are allergic to this DO NOT USE ANY WRAPS which contain it. If you are unsure please seek medical advice PRIOR to purchase.