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Soap Saver™ -  Perfect for keeping wet soap & shampoo bars away from the rest of your toiletries.
Contents: 2 x SoapSavers™ - fabric description as per pack. Each SoapSaver™ measures a minimum of 19 x 19cm and comes with 1 cotton draw-string storage bag.  Keep your toiletries dry with our reusable SoapSaver™ pack. Ideal for wrapping damp soap and shampoo bars to keep them apart from the rest of your toiletries when you're travelling or on holiday.  The SoapSaver™ fits the size of your block of soap with the help of two natural coconut buttons and a cotton cord. Simply wind the cord around the buttons in a figure of 8 to secure your bar.  Brighten your toiletry bag with our funky fabrics - suitable for kids and adults.  Each 2-pack has different designs so you can tell your soap from your shampoo bar.  For general information regarding my  Wraps please see. "MyWrap Facts."