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 The ButtyWrap™  - Perfect for packed lunches & picnics.

Contents: 1 x ButtyWrap™ which measures a minimum of 29 x 29cm, along with 1 handy cotton draw-string storage bag.  Keep your sandwiches fresh with our reusable ButtyWrap™. This vegan, waxed Wrap is great for varying sizes or shapes of bread slices and other foods. The ButtyWrap™ fits to the size of your sandwich with the help of two natural coconut buttons and a cotton cord. Simply place your butty in the centre of the wrap, wrap it like a gift and wind the cord around the buttons in a figure of 8 to secure. Ideal for wrapping all sorts of cold food - not just sandwiches. Packed lunches become a pleasure with our funky fabrics - suitable for kids and adults.  If used in an Omni kitchen don't wrap raw meat or fish in your Food Wrap as contact with these foods requires a high temperature washing to remove bacteria - and this would melt the wax.  For general information regarding my  Wraps please see. "Our Wrap Facts."