Are you, like me, trying to rid your kitchen of clingfilm and plastic food bags?
"I couldn't possibly do without them," I hear you cry.
Yes, I was of exactly the same mind-set - I had them in my store cupboard and reached for them probably every day to wrap sandwiches, left-overs etc and then tossed them in the bin after one use.  That was before I woke up to what is happening in our oceans. Marine life should be living in beautifully clear waters, not in the now plastic-infested dumping grounds we've seen on TV and online broadcasts. 
Let me introduce myself, I'm not an eco-warrior on a mission, I'm simply Jan - based in the UK, wife to Mike and mum to Sophie; and, like so many others, I've finally woken up and realised the harm we're doing to this beautiful planet and decided to try to do something to hopefully lessen the burden. 

VEGAN OR NON-VEGAN WRAPS?  This may seem like an odd question for a website selling vegan wraps.  It is if you go on the assumption that I'm vegan -  I'm not.  There, I've said it.  It's out there. I own and use everyday things that would never cross the threshold of a vegetarian or vegan's home.  
Why am I telling you this?  I simply believe it's best to be up-front from the start.  If you're a vegan reading this, I hope, if nothing else, you'll appreciate my honesty.
Having travelled from full-on carni to practically veggie, I'm now trying to move towards a vegan diet, but having been conditioned to live in a meat-eating world, it's not proving to be easy for me. However, I am open to new experiences and am embracing this new way of introducing more interesting dishes into our life.  
So, why have I chosen vegan wraps rather than beeswax wraps?  The answer is so simple - for the health of my daughter.......

.......When I first started this journey,the point was to source and use more eco-friendly items in my home.  As a result, I came across beeswax wraps which seemed to be the go-to alternative for cling film and plastic bags.  So I did my research, tested lots of permutations and after an awful lot of hit and miss attempts, finally came up with a blend that I was happy with.  I started production and was really excited with how things were progressing - the pics looked great - the website was almost finished - the social media was all in place - all I had to do was hit the button and we'd go live.  That was until my daughter decided she'd like a piece of cheese... 

...Yes, something as simple as that. I know, sounds bizarre doesn't it?  How could a piece of cheese stop a new product going to market?   But it did.  As I said, I'd done a whole lot of research which included the fact that some people may have an allergic reaction to propolis which naturally occurs in beeswax.  I'd never heard of such a thing before my research and thought nothing of it, until our daughter, Sophie, ate some of the cheese we'd been photographing. We know she has a reaction to nuts, but beeswax wraps?!? Luckily the reaction wasn't severe, but it made me question what I was doing.  If what I was producing harmed my daughter, I certainly wasn't going to put others in the same position and so it was back to the drawing board. More research, more testing, more time, more money. It was a pain starting from scratch and a worry that finances wouldn't stretch, but I knew I couldn't progress with a product I didn't have total confidence in; and so the vegan option was explored - and what an eye-opener that was!  This is going to sound ridiculously ignorant to vegans reading this, but among the many things I learned on my journey is that propolis is off-limits as it's an animal by-product - I had no idea! It would seem that some other wrap producers are of the same mind, in that they claim their beeswax wraps are vegan - I'm so glad not to be making that faux pas - all thanks to a bit of cheese!

So where am I now on this path to helping the planet? Having scratched the surface of veganism, I'm realistic enough to know that I'm not going to become an all-out vegan any day soon, but I hope to implement small changes that make a difference and I'm really looking forward to learning so much more.. Join me on my journey - let's see where it takes us......

A Word Of Caution

I want to be absolutely clear that even though I've reduced the risk of allergic reaction by taking beeswax out of the equation, there is still a risk of allergic reaction in ALL wraps that use tree resin. This risk is clearly indicated on, "Our Wrap Facts,"  page and on our packaging, so if you think this may be a problem for you, please DO NOT buy mine or anyone else's wraps that contain tree resin.